Parenting Issues

At KeySolutions EAP, we understand that there are many circumstances in life that can negatively impact an individual’s ability to continue functioning productively in an occupational setting. Even when one tries to not let his or her personal life affect his or her work life, there are times when it is simply not possible. One example of this occurs when individuals are struggling with concerns relating to their children.

Types of Parenting Concerns

Parenting concerns affect everyone at some point in their lives. However, there are some instances in which such concerns can become all-consuming. When these types of concerns are present, a person’s ability to focus on his or her job can be significantly hindered. Examples of possible parenting concerns that can arise can include, but are not limited to:

  • Prenatal complications
  • Infertility concerns
  • Issues related to adoption or the adoption process
  • Not having access to or not being able to afford childcare
  • Going through a divorce
  • Issues related to co-parenting
  • Having a child with special needs
  • Having a child who is abusing drugs and/or alcohol
  • Having a child who is refusing to go to school
  • Having a child who is displaying various types of severe problematic behaviors
  • Having a child who is suffering from a mental health disorder
  • Having a child who is being bullied
  • Having a child who is failing academically
  • Having a child who is suffering from a severe illness
  • Having a child who has experienced a traumatic event
  • Having a child who has been the victim of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse

How Parenting Concerns Can Impact the Workplace

Any time there is a concern in which one’s children are involved, it can cause monumental strife in a person’s life. The need to help and protect one’s child or children is an individual’s top priority, which often means that other responsibilities can fall to the wayside. As such, one’s career can suddenly seem less important as the individual is focused on the wellbeing of his or her child or children.

When employees are focused on personal concerns, such as issues relating to their children, it can impact their work performance. Their work ethic is likely no longer their priority, which can result in a decline in productivity. Additionally, absenteeism can become an ever-increasing problem as individuals have to miss work in order to attend to their child’s or children’s needs. Furthermore, when childcare is not accessible, individuals may struggle to attend work on a consistent basis, placing their careers in jeopardy. And even among those who are able to continue attending work, their performance and productivity can steadily decline as they become more overwhelmed by their distressing personal concerns. Their moods, emotions, and behaviors can all be tainted by their personal experiences, causing not only problems for themselves in the workplace, but also for their coworkers and employers.

How KeySolutions Can Help

At KeySolutions EAP, we are able to help individuals who are struggling with various types of parenting concerns. We can assist in everything from providing childcare consultations, resources, and referrals to delivering confidential counseling sessions that are designed specifically to help individuals overcome the particular trials they are facing. By helping the employee, we are also able to help his or her employer. When employees have access to the beneficial services that we at KeySolutions EAP offer, there can be a decrease in employee absenteeism, better employee morale, improved work flow management, decrease in termination costs, fewer workday interruptions, and increased productivity.

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