Workplace Issues

There are many personal issues that can impact an individual’s work performance and make one’s focus and dedication to his or her job difficult. Though, there are additional concerns that can more directly affect a person’s day-to-day functioning and hinder an individual’s ability to carry out his or her daily work responsibilities. Among such are workplace issues, which can bring about undue stress, emotional pain, and a variety of other negative feelings and emotions that are capable of derailing even the most committed of employees.

While human resource departments are trained and equipped to take on workplace concerns, KeySolutions EAP is pleased to offer both employers and their employees the support, guidance, and resources they need to improve upon the dynamic of their work environments.

Types of Workplace Issues

Even with high standards of professionalism in place, many employees fall victim to workplace concerns and issues. When this is the case, human resource staff, supervisors, and even other employees are called to report workplace issues for the betterment of all who work for an organization.

Among the types of workplace issues that may arise and necessitate intervention in order to preserve a high quality and satisfying work environment, the following are those that can occur:

  • Absenteeism
  • Conflict with a supervisor
  • Coworker conflict
  • Harassment issues
  • Issues related to occupational performance
  • Personal safety risks while at work
  • Safety concerns
  • Substance abuse
  • Unacceptable or inappropriate behavior
  • Work performance anxiety

When the above work issues take place, it is best to bring them to the attention of one’s supervisor and/or human resources staff member so that a resolution can be achieved.

How Workplace Issues Can Impact the Work Enviroment

There are numerous effects that can occur if workplace issues remain an ongoing problem. For this reason, and more, it is important for a person to report cases of workplace concerns. Failing to do so, however, may result in the following:

  • Absenteeism
  • Decrease in employee punctuality
  • Diminished job satisfaction
  • Fearfulness regarding one’s safety while at work
  • Insubordination
  • Loss of valuable employees
  • Poor work performance
  • Safety concerns
  • Tension or hostility among coworkers and/or management

The aforementioned effects can be avoided. By identifying them, if they are taking place, and taking proper measures, all employees can experience a more satisfying work environment, which can help employers achieve their bottom line.

How KeySolutions EAP Can Help

Tackling workplace issues can oftentimes be a trying and/or overwhelming endeavor to take on. Given this fact, KeySolutions EAP is pleased to offer human resources staff, employees, and those in managerial positions with the following services so that workplace issues can be effectively addressed and resolved:

  • Conflict resolution services
  • Crisis debriefings and supportive services
  • Effective communication trainings
  • Harassment prevention services
  • Orientations related to resolving workplace issues
  • Stress management services
  • Team building trainings
  • Time management assistance

To learn more about how KeySolutions EAP can help to alleviate workplace issues, please contact your human resources or KeySolutions representative to receive more information. As a leading provider of employee assistance services, we look forward to making your work environment one that is as satisfying, safe, and encouraging as possible.

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