Appreciation is Vital

When employees do not feel valued, the results are predictable. Workers become discouraged, feeling there is “always more to do and no one cares whether I do a good job or not.”

Employees begin to complain about their work and negativity increases. An increase in conflict and decrease in productivity can result. Managers and supervisors who truly appreciate their employees can work wonders!


  • Communication appreciation regularly. If appreciation is only conveyed during performance reviews, employees don’t tend to believe it. Similarly, infrequent messages (several times a year) also don’t adequately communicate that the employee is truly valued.
  • Individualize and personally deliver thank you notes. People want to be appreciated for what they did individually. Unfortunately, most organizations use group-based acts – such as an email blast thanking a department for a job well done on a certain project. This can backfire, with employees cynical or offended, rather than appreciated.
  • Be sure appreciation is authentic. People want appreciation to be genuine. It need not be big: a signed thank-you card, a box of chocolates, a gift card to a favorite retailer, etc. Whatever it is, an individualized gift will mean a lot more than something that sounds contrived, such as an email or in-person, “I really appreciate everyone in this department.” Really? It won’t feel like it.

Source: Dr. Paul White, psychologist and author of “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.”

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