You Can be Stronger – How to Develop a Resilient Personality

Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity and to deal with stressful and difficult circumstances.  The most resilient people recover from traumatic experiences and are stronger and wiser.

Everyone is born with the potential to develop these abilities, says Al Siebert, author of the award-winning book The Resiliency Advantage and the best seller, The Survivor Personality.  He says the five levels of resiliency are:

  1. Maintaining your emotional stability, health, and well-being. This is essential to maintaining your energy.
  2. Develop an outward focus with good problem-solving skills and concentration on the challenges at hand.  Problem-focused coping is better than emotion-focused coping.
  3. An inward focus.  Have strong self-esteem. Your self-confidence is your reputation with yourself. You expect to handle new situations well because of past successes.  Remember them.
  4. Expect things to work out well.  Have optimism guided by internal values and a high tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty?
  5. Recognize serendipity.  It is the ability to recognize what could turn misfortune into good fortune.

Siebert recommends having friendships and loving relationships.  Those who do are more resistant to stress.

Wonder about things. Wonder what is different, and “What if I did this?”

Resilient people can have many sides.  They can be strong and gentle, sensitive and tough, logical and intuitive.  They can think of negative ways to reach positive outcomes, asking “What could go wrong and how can it be avoided?”

Being resilient helps them block attacks and sidestep cons, games, and manipulations.  They find allies.

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