Mental Health & Family Issues

KeySolutions EAP is well aware of the many ways that family issues can impact the performance and productivity of men and women in the workplace, and we are dedicated to providing services that will benefit both individuals in need and their organizations.

Recognizing Family Issues

At KeySolutions EAP, we understand that life can be far from perfect. Everyone experiences personal stress, and everyone has problems from time to time. But sometimes, these regular parts of everyday life become a bit more than we can handle. In those moments, it is important to know that help is available.

Could you be dealing with a family issue that is exerting an unduly negative influence over your personal and professional life? The following questions may clarify things for you:

  1. Do childcare worries, from pregnancy through paying for college, weigh on your mind?
  2. Have you been struggling to provide or find care for an elderly parent?
  3. Do fears about your family’s financial future keep you up at night?
  4. Has your relationship with your spouse deteriorated?
  5. Are health concerns distracting you from your personal or professional responsibilities?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, KeySolutions EAP can help.

How Family Issues Can Impact the Workplace

When a person is experiencing conflicts or other problems within his or her family, he or she may understandably struggle to retain the focus and motivation that is necessary for continued professional success.

Failing to address family issues in a timely and effective manner can have a devastating effect on an individual’s personal life and can significantly hinder his or her ability to achieve to his or her greatest potential in the workplace.

The good news is that the worst-case scenario is entirely avoidable. With KeySolutions EAP, employees can receive the help that they need to maintain the healthy work-life balance that is essential to continue personal satisfaction and professional success.

How KeySolutions EAP Can Help

The goal of KeySolutions EAP is to match individuals in need with the focused help that can best address their specific family-related issue or issues. The following are examples of the many family support services that may be accessed via our program:

  • Childcare consultations, resources, and referrals, including but not limited to issues involving prenatal care, adoption, special needs, and colleges
  • Eldercare services, consultations, and referrals, including not limited to long-term care options, caregiver support, and end-of-life issues
  • Financial consultations and referrals
  • Legal consultations and referrals, including a 25% discount from the normal hourly rate when retaining one of our in-network attorneys
  • Work-life coaching
  • Tax services, including preparation and filing, with a 25% discount on filing fees
  • Complete case management services

With an understanding that education is key to empowerment, KeySolutions EAP provides the following learning-based programs, tools, and materials:

  • Articles, videos, and interactive training courses
  • Health assessments and interactive tools
  • Legal forms and financial calculators
  • Mental health videos, quizzes, and assessment tools
  • Family-focused solution centers
  • Personalized care reports
  • Personalized life coaching portfolios

To learn more about how KeySolutions EAP can provide you with the assistance that you need for an issue related to your family, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you.

What’s holding you back from seeking treatment?