About Us

Mission Statement

It is the mission of KeySolutions EAP to assist employees and employers with difficulties encountered in their personal and professional lives. We strive to improve the productivity, profitability, and overall wellness of the organizations that we serve by delivering highly effective counseling, consultation, training, crisis intervention, and life skills training services.

About KeySolutions EAP

KeySolutions Employee Assistance Program has been providing exceptional service for over 25 years to employers, employees and family members.

KeySolutions is designed to assist individuals who may be suffering from personal problems that interfere with a productive life at work or at home. By assisting employees who may be having personal problems, it is possible to return them to a satisfactory job performance level.

Personal problems can reduce an employee’s work performance. Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved with effective short-term counseling. The EAP provides up to five counseling sessions per incident with one of our counselors at no cost to the employee.

KeySolutions EAP is confidential, and offers professional guidance in a wide variety of areas that can be tailored to your needs:

  • Relationship and family concerns – couple conflicts, parenting, child behavior problems
  • Emotional health – stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem
  • Workplace issues – conflicts with coworkers, communication problems, absenteeism
  • Drug, alcohol and gambling abuse – assessments, treatment recommendations, codependency
  • Financial counseling – budgeting, compulsive spending

If you or a member of your family is covered by KeySolutions EAP and would like to utilize your benefit, please visit Employee Resources for more information regarding the services that KeySolutions provides, or call us today to schedule an appointment.

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